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⚖ Abrams | Sullenberger | Silver, LLC in Denver, CO

Firm Name: Abrams | Sullenberger | Silver, LLC
Address: 700 17th St., Suite 650, Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 500-5795
Email: info@abramslaw.net
Web: www.abramslaw.net
Description: "Contact Abrams | Sullenberger | Silver, LLC, in Denver, Colorado, for representation in business law, construction law, real estate law, or DUI defense matters. Call (303) 500-5795 for a free consultation."

Other Locations: 700 17th St., Suite 650, Denver, CO 80202

Attorneys: Robert Abrams , Nathan S. Silver, Neil S. Sullenberger at Law

Cases Handled: Administrative Law, Business & Commercial Law, Contracts, Business Organizations, Construction Law, Litigation & Appeals, Real Estate Law, Land Use & Zoning, Divorce, Family Law, Custody & Visitation, Child Support

Other Information: . Mr. Abrams' focus in law is construction disputes, partnership disputes (LLC, general and limited partnerships), construction defect, contractor/subcontractor issues, contractor/homeowner disputes, product warranty, general breach of contract, UCC contract sales, CCPA and other contract...

Abrams | Sullenberger | Silver, LLC

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