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Find a Lawyer INCLUSION: Our referral network service is 100% unique. The result of our 19+ years marketing legal services and referring people to law firms.

We provide our site visitors with a custom search box, along side the standard directory layout. They can enter their zip code, but crucially - they also enter the case type they are looking for help with.

That means our divorce firms are not answering the phone to injured pedestrians, and criminal law firms won't get inundated with bankruptcy queries.
If you've wasted money on directories in the past ... you are not alone. However our directory is merely a part of a service that includes: guaranteed monthly referrals, social media promotion, PR/News feature circulation, links, and more.
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Law Firm Local Search GET LOCAL: Fed up advertising your Divorce firm only to get phone calls from people requiring DUI help? Fed up paying for directory listings only to be cold-called by marketing firms?

We have been marketing law firms on and off the web since 1999. was initially created only for our own existing client base of 30-50 law firms as an extra weapon in the marketing arsenal we created for them. But, as the internet focus has moved to "LOCAL", so have we.

We match the client's legal problem and their area code, to the law firms in our database.

Find a Lawyer GET SOCIAL: Tens of thousands of visitors come to us from social media networks, forums, affiliate programs, offline marketing, other websites, and direct. That's a huge cross-section of online traffic that completely bypasses the almighty Google. Would you like to be 'Google-Proof'?

In fact, nearly 75% of the visitors to our website arrive here via sources OTHER than Google. If Google were to go completely crazy tomorrow and stop showing organic search results altogether ... we'd still be getting visitors. But more importantly - so would all the law firms in our database.

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We don't believe the mantra "Any publicity ...
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... is good publicity"
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