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Find a Lawyer We've been referring people to law firms since 1999. The current 1to1Legal setup is the culmination of years of experience, designed not to clash with any existing marketing program you might already have.

We will refer a guaranteed number of people to your law firm every month. We'll also promote you on social media, around our website, retweet your Tweets, publish guest articles, and more.

The people we refer are online right now searching for a lawyer through our form. Potential clients come to our network, select a case type, enter their zip code, choose a firm, then are referred straight through to you. No middle man.

We have a huge list of case types that we need firms to cover in various areas. Divorce, injuries, wills, real estate, immigration, you name it. Ask for a quote now:
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We refer people who are actively searching the web to find a lawyer. They contact you direct. We're not a middle man. We're not selling data, we don't cold-call or spam, and there are no hidden charges.
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The setup is simple. People enter their case type and area code to see a list of law firms that deal with that particular issue in order of distance from them. The potential client can then phone, email or visit your website direct. The closer you are to the client, the better chance you have of them opting for your firm over others.
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You will also receive regular promotion via our social platforms. We have 12x profiles each with thousands of followers across networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. We will share your company name, services and/or website address with our followers for them to Retweet, Like and Share. We will also create entries and link to you from the categorised directory of services on our website. That means links to your website from several on-topic pages of our site. Our network has over 250,000 backlinks of it's own, so we understand the benefits of being linked to from the right spots on the right sites.
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The above is true for EACH office that you sign up. So if you sign up 4x offices you will get 4x the people referred, 4x the social promotion, 4x the links, etc.

WANT TO PARTNER WITH US? As you can see there are no signup forms or payment buttons anywhere on this page. We need to get to know you first. Once we know your location and case types, we can check just how many people coming through our network each month match the criteria.
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* Please note, there is no small print or hidden charges.
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We don't believe the mantra "Any publicity ...
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... is good publicity"
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