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Find a Lawyer Hello, and thank you for considering us. You'll be glad to know our setup is simple and quick to explain:

We bring people to our site via our social profiles, partner sites, PPC (not Adwords), affiliate program, and so on. Potential clients enter their case type and areacode into our search form. We show them your details as a recommended firm. They then either phone you direct, email, or visit your website for more information first.

We don't take people's details and sell them on. We don't cold call, spam, or text people either. But we do absolutely, 100% guarantee that you will receive 100+ referrals.

On top of that we will promote you across our website including backlinks from several on-topic pages relating to your location and case targets. Plus we'll post about you on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social media profiles - also including direct links to your site.

How many people can we refer to your specific firm? Ask:
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Every firm we take on will be guaranteed 100-500 people depending on their case range and location for $199-$399 a year. No hidden charges. No auto-renew contract.

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"WHAT TYPE OF CASES DO YOU REFER?" Injuries still make up more than half the people coming through but we also refer divorce, criminal law, wills, DUI, employment, immigration and other matters. Here is the current list, but we're always growing so don't be afraid to ask us about others:

"WHAT IS GUARANTEED?" If you fill in the availability check form above, we'll let you know how many people we'll be able to send across. This could be anything from 100-500 people a year depending on your case range, number of offices and location. Whatever number we quote you, we guarantee you'll get at least that many people while you're with us.

"WHO ARE YOU?" We've been referring people to law firms since 1999. We started in the UK with just 5 panel firms handling only injury claims and were known as Claims Heaven. Since then we've increased the case range to include property, wills, divorce, crime, etc. and changed our name to the more appropriate 1to1Legal. We now refer thousands of people a month across six countries to hundreds of partner firms. Our staff come from varied backgrounds including immigration, insurance, lawyer, police, and court reporting - as well as web development, programming, and journalism. They cover a range of genders, ages, and origins too. You can connect with our social reps Jeanette, David, or Claire on LinkedIn or contact us with any questions.

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We will share your company name, services and website address with our followers for them to Retweet, Like and Share. We will also create entries and link to you from the categorised directory of services on our website.
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Each office is treated individually on the network, so 2x offices = 2x the referrals. Discounts available for multiple office signups.

WANT TO JOIN? There are no signup forms or payment buttons anywhere on this page. You need to fill in the availability check form. Once we know your location and case types, we can generate a quote of how many people we can guarantee and at what price:
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* There is no small print.
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We don't believe the mantra "Any publicity ...
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... is good publicity"
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