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⚖ Aronson, Fineman & Davis Co., L.P.A. in East Liverpool, OH

Firm Name: Aronson, Fineman & Davis Co., L.P.A.
Address: 124 E. Fifth St., East Liverpool, OH 43920
Phone: 888-601-1506
Email: info@afdlaw.com
Web: www.afdlaw.com
Description: "At Aronson, Fineman & Davis Co., L.P.A., in East Liverpool, Ohio, our tradition as trial lawyers began in 1935. Call us at 888-601-1506."

Other Locations: 124 E. Fifth St., East Liverpool, OH 43920

Attorneys: Bernard Fineman , William J. Davis , Michael P. Davis

Cases Handled: Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Wrongful Death, Criminal Defense, DWI/OVI, Aviation

Other Information: East Liverpool Personal Injury Law Firm. Led by Attorney William J. Davis, our law firm is a leader in personal injury litigation in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. In addition to our personal injury practice, Aronson, Fineman & Davis Co., L.P.A., also serves clients throughout Columbiana County, Ohio in several areas of the law including...

Aronson, Fineman & Davis Co., L.P.A.

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