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⚖ Albert E. Acuna, PA in Miami, FL

Firm Name: Albert E. Acuna, PA
Address: 782 N.W. 42nd Avenue, Suite 343, Miami, FL 33126
Phone: 305-548-5020
Email: info@albertacunalaw.com
Web: www.albertacunalaw.com
Description: "For knowledgeable legal counsel and representation involving homeowners' associations or commercial law, contact Albert E. Acu?ɬa, PA, in Miami at 305-548-5020."

Other Locations: 782 N.W. 42nd Avenue, Suite 343, Miami, FL 33126

Attorneys: Albert E. Acu?ɬa Sole Practitioner

Cases Handled: Spanish

Other Information: . Albert E. Acu?ɬa, Esq. primarily focuses on Community Association Law (Condominium and Homeowners - Association) where he works closely with the Board of Directors and its Management in order to ensure all of the Association objectives are realized and that the Association is complaint with Chapter 718/720, Florida Statues and its Governing Documents, while doing so in an efficient and economic manner. In addition, Mr. Acu?ɬa vigilantly supervises all collections...

Albert E. Acuna, PA

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