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⚖ Allan Law Group, P.C. in Malibu, CA

Firm Name: Allan Law Group, P.C.
Address: 23823 Malibu Road, # 378, Malibu, CA 90265- 4985
Phone: 310-456-3024
Email: info@allanlawgrouppc.com
Web: www.allanlawgrouppc.com
Description: "Allan Law Group PC is a Law firm specializing in Entertainment law, copyright law, copyright recapture and terminations, music law, international law, business law, trial law and litigation."

Other Locations: 23823 Malibu Road,
378, Malibu, CA 90265- 4985

Attorneys: Robert J. Allan , Stella W. Yap , Rod Rummelsburg, Brian R. Tinkham

Cases Handled: Law Offices of Robert J. Allan & Associates

Other Information: . The firm has a strong litigation practice, aggressively representing clients in State and Federal Court throughout California. Our attorneys are routinely involved in complex litigation...

Allan Law Group, P.C.

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