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⚖ Andrew M. Silverstein Law Office, LLC in Minnetonka, MN

Firm Name: Andrew M. Silverstein Law Office, LLC
Address: 12325 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55305
Phone: 612-263-9198
Email: info@silversteinfamilylaw.com
Web: www.silversteinfamilylaw.com
Description: "Helping You Align Your Priorites When it comes to tough family law challenges, attorney Silverstein works with you to safeguard your interests and ensure your"

Other Locations: 12325 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55305

Attorneys: Andrew M. Silverstein

Cases Handled: Divorce, Family Law, Custody, Parenting Time, Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage), Legal Separation, Spousal Maintenance Determinations and Modifications, Child Support Calculations and Modifications, Post decree (Post Divorce) Motions, Contempt/Enforcement, Paternity Determinations, Child Custody Determinations and Modifications, Parenting Time (Visitation) Establishment and Modifications, Property Division (Both Marital and Non Marital Property), Pension/Retirement Accounts, Domestic Abuse, Harassment, Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreement, Cohabitation Agreements, Adoptions, Trials and Appeals, Mediation, Wills and Trusts Probate

Other Information: Minnetonka Divorce Law Firm. Serving clients throughout the greater Twin Cities region and across the state, our founder, attorney Andrew M. Silverstein, has practiced law since 1991. He established our law firm in 1998 with a mission to deliver the quality, effective legal representation and...

Andrew M. Silverstein Law Office, LLC

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