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⚖ Abes Baumann in Pittsburgh, PA

Firm Name: Abes Baumann
Address: 810 Penn Avenue, Fifth Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222- 3614
Phone: 412-690-0239
Email: info@abesbaumann.com
Web: www.abesbaumann.com
Description: "Our team of attorneys is located in downtown Pittsburgh, but we've served the entire western half of Pennsylvania since 1979. We practice Workers' Comp, Veterans' Benefits, Personal Injury and Social Security Disability."

Other Locations: 810 Penn Avenue, Fifth Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222- 3614

Attorneys: Edward Jaffee Abes partner, Thomas C. Baumann , Susan Paczak , Douglas A. Williams , Sandra Weigel Kokal , Roger D. Horgan

Cases Handled: Workers Compensation, Social Security, Veterans Benefits

Other Information: Pittsburgh Workers Compensation Law Firm. Our law firm, Abes...

Abes Baumann

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