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⚖ Addabbo & Greenberg in Forest Hills, NY

Firm Name: Addabbo & Greenberg
Address: 118-21 Queens Boulevard, Suite 306, Forest Hills, NY 11375- 7209
Phone: 718-268-0400
Email: info@addabboandgreenberg.com
Web: www.addabboandgreenberg.com
Description: "Call 718-268-0400 today for a free initial consultation with the law firm of Addabbo & Greenberg and ask for Todd Greenberg, Esq."

Other Locations: 591 Stewart Avenue, 4th Floor, Garden City, NY 11530
118-21 Queens Boulevard, Suite 306, Forest Hills, NY 11375- 7209

Attorneys: Todd D. Greenberg Esq. , Dominic L. Addabbo Esq. , Jill C Stone Esq., Caitlin N. Quvus Esq., Helen P Eichler Esq. , Alan T. Rothbard Esq. , Hyman J. Greenberg Esq. , Grace Addabbo Gambino Esq.

Cases Handled: Addabbo, Greenberg, D'Errico & Caputo, February ,

Other Information: . Our firm was founded in 1983 by us - Todd Greenberg and Dominic "Buddy" Addabbo, two former Assistant District Attorneys. Today we are joined by additional attorneys, a high caliber support staff and we utilize extensive technology to achieve notable results for our clients in the areas of Criminal, Personal Injury, Real Estate and Family Law. We are the industry leader in turning legal experience and personal commitment into positive results for our clients.

Addabbo & Greenberg

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