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⚖ Angela Faye Brown & Associates, PLLC in Austin, TX

Firm Name: Angela Faye Brown & Associates, PLLC
Address: 3800 N. Lamar, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78756
Phone: 844-854-5437
Email: info@afbfamilylaw.com
Web: www.afbfamilylaw.com
Description: "Fighting for parents and protecting children!! Let us help you fight for your kids! Child Custody, Divorce and Family law Attorneys serving Austin and Houston metro areas"

Other Locations: 2929 Allen Parkway, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77019
3800 N. Lamar, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78756

Attorneys: Angela Faye Brown , Keryl Douglas

Cases Handled: Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody & Visitation, Adoptions, Fathers Rights

Other Information: Recommends this Law Firm. Family legal issues are sensitive matters and, as such, require personalized and compassionate representation. The law office of Angela Faye Brown & Associates, PLLC, in Austin, Texas, takes a unique approach to clients' cases and empowers them to make thoughtful, independent and wise decisions for themselves and their families. Whether you are going through a contentious custody battle, a complicated divorce or a drawn-out adoption, our team will equip you with the knowledge and support...

Angela Faye Brown & Associates, PLLC

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