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⚖ Akiva Shapiro Law, PLLC in Old Bethpage, NY

Firm Name: Akiva Shapiro Law, PLLC
Address: 1 West Park Drive, Old Bethpage, NY 11804
Phone: 516-415-0446
Email: info@akivashapirolawpllc.com
Web: www.akivashapirolawpllc.com
Description: "Attorney Akiva Shapiro,Esq. caters all your legal needs from Life, Business & Legacy cases throughout New York. Call 516-806-0762 now!"

Other Locations: 1 West Park Drive, Old Bethpage, NY 11804

Attorneys: Akiva Shapiro Sole Practitioner

Cases Handled: Trusts & Estates, Probate, Estate Litigation, Civil Litigation, Asset Protection, Judgment Enforcement & Collections

Other Information: Old Bethpage Trusts & Estates Law Firm. My name is Akiva Shapiro, and I established my law firm, Akiva Shapiro Law, PLLC, in Old Bethpage, New York, in order to help individuals and families throughout my community protect themselves, their assets and their heirs for the future. Serving all of Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as the rest of Long Island, my law firm and I provide the personalized assistance and effective solutions my clients need when dealing with any of the following legal matters:

Akiva Shapiro Law, PLLC

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