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⚖ Alex M. Brown Law, LLC in Augusta, GA

Firm Name: Alex M. Brown Law, LLC
Address: 233 Davis Road, Suite B, Augusta, GA 30907
Phone: 706-447-6994
Email: info@alexmbrownlaw.com
Web: www.alexmbrownlaw.com
Description: "For skilled help with military divorce, custody, domestic violence or other issues, call Alex M. Brown Law, LLC, in Augusta, Georgia, at 706-447-9001."

Other Locations: 233 Davis Road, Suite B, Augusta, GA 30907

Attorneys: Alex M. Brown

Cases Handled: Family Law, Personal Injury

Other Information: Augusta Family Law Firm. Serving clients throughout the Augusta metro region, Columbia and Richmond counties, and all of the surrounding areas, attorney Alex M. Brown possesses extensive experience in a variety of legal areas. He established our law firm in order to deliver the highest level of advocacy and...

Alex M. Brown Law, LLC

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