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⚖ Appel Law Firm LLP in Walnut Creek, CA

Firm Name: Appel Law Firm LLP
Address: One Walnut Creek Center, 100 Pringle Avenue, Suite 730, Walnut Creek, CA 94596- 7371
Phone: 925-954-9206
Email: info@appellawyer.com
Web: www.appellawyer.com
Description: "With over a combined period of 60+ years, we have specialized in handling various types of personal injury and car accident cases. No Fee Until You Win!"

Other Locations: One Walnut Creek Center, 100 Pringle Avenue, Suite 730, Walnut Creek, CA 94596- 7371

Attorneys: Joseph J. Appel , Michael J. Appel , Thomas G. Appel

Cases Handled: Personal Injury, Construction Accident, Defective Product, Elder Abuse, Motor Vehicle Accident, Premises Liability, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death

Other Information: Walnut Creek Personal Injury Law Firm. Established in 1995, Appel Law Firm LLP has been representing clients who have suffered a wide range of personal injuries...

Appel Law Firm LLP

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