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⚖ Arii Law Firm, LLC in Rockville, MD

Firm Name: Arii Law Firm, LLC
Address: 401 East Jefferson Street, Ste. 208, Rockville, MD 20850- 2613
Phone: 240-261-0760
Email: info@ariilaw.com
Web: www.ariilaw.com
Description: "Trustworthy, affordable, & caring DUI/DWI lawyer, criminal attorney, or personal injury representation. Contact C. Sei-Hee Arii at Arii Law Firm today."

Other Locations: 401 East Jefferson Street, Ste. 208, Rockville, MD 20850- 2613

Attorneys: C. Sei Hee Arii

Cases Handled: DUI, Criminal Law, Personal Injury

Other Information: Recommends this Law Firm. At Arii Law Firm, LLC, I give people in Rockville, Maryland, the personalized attention they need when navigating criminal law and negligence cases. Everyone who walks into my practice receives a customized strategy for success, whether that means protecting their freedom or securing compensation following a catastrophic injury. Over the course of my career, I have advocated for clients in matters that include the following:

Arii Law Firm, LLC

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