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⚖ Arnold Law, PLLC in Louisville, KY

Firm Name: Arnold Law, PLLC
Address: 4500 Bowling Boulevard, Suite 100, Louisville, KY 40207- 4939
Phone: 502-653-1038
Email: info@arnoldlawky.com
Web: www.arnoldlawky.com
Description: "Free consultation. Call 502-653-1038. For aggressive and compassionate representation, contact Louisville family law attorney Melissa Arnold."

Other Locations: 4500 Bowling Boulevard, Suite 100, Louisville, KY 40207- 4939

Attorneys: Melissa A. Arnold

Cases Handled: Family, Divorce, Adoption, Child Support, Criminal Law, Traffic Law

Other Information: Louisville Family Law Firm. Experienced attorney Melissa A. Arnold is the founder of our Louisville, Kentucky, law office, Arnold Law, PLLC. She established our general civil practice law firm with the goal of providing high-quality legal services to those living in the Louisville metropolitan area and surrounding Jefferson, Bullitt and Oldham counties. While the primary focus of our firm is on assisting those who are dealing with delicate family law matters, we also proudly provide representation to those facing...

Arnold Law, PLLC

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