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⚖ Alvarez Stauffer Bremer PLLC in Houston, TX

Firm Name: Alvarez Stauffer Bremer PLLC
Address: 815 Walker Street, Suite 1450, Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 713-351-0300
Email: info@asb-lawfirm.com
Web: www.asb-lawfirm.com
Description: "Alvarez Stauffer Bremer | Houston Litigation Attorneys"

Other Locations: 815 Walker Street, Suite 1450, Houston, TX 77002

Attorneys: Graig J. Alvarez , Angela T. Bongat , Lance R. Bremer , Corbett Enright , Alexis Moore Paralegal, Kara K. Stauffer , Pat Villarreal Office Manager and Senior Legal Assistant

Cases Handled: Commercial Litigation, Insurance Litigation (Bad Faith), Insurance (Commercial Coverage Disputes), Prelitigation Consultation, Oil and Gas Litigation, Appeals

Other Information: . Our law firm handles all areas of commercial and corporate law, including employment law, insurance bad...

Alvarez Stauffer Bremer PLLC

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