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⚖ Attorney Timothy J. Goulden in Nashua, NH

Firm Name: Attorney Timothy J. Goulden
Address: 253 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060
Phone: 603-582-0197
Email: info@attorneytimgoulden.com
Web: www.attorneytimgoulden.com
Description: "Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney Nashua New Hampshire | The Law Offices of Timothy J. GouldenThe Law Offices of Timothy J. Goulden"

Other Locations: 8 Jackson Court, Lawrence, MA 01840
182 Main Street, Salem, NH 03079
253 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060

Attorneys: Timothy J. Goulden

Cases Handled: DWI, Assault and Battery, Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes, Traffic Violations, Sexual Abuse

Other Information: Nashua DWI Law Firm. Based in Nashua, New Hampshire, Attorney Timothy J. Goulden provides affordable, responsive legal advice and representation. His law firm focuses primarily on criminal law and DWI/OUI, but he also is prepared to represent clients for civil litigation and personal injury claims.Criminal defense encompasses the majority of attorney Goulden's practice. He focuses on serious misdemeanors and felonies, including assault, drug offenses and property crimes, but also handles a broad range of charges...

Attorney Timothy J. Goulden

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