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⚖ Anthony J. Cervi, Attorney at Law in Buffalo, NY

Firm Name: Anthony J. Cervi, Attorney at Law
Address: 822 Convention Tower, 43 Court Street, Buffalo, NY 14202- 3101
Phone: 716-262-8485
Email: info@cervilaw.com
Web: www.cervilaw.com
Description: "Legal issue in Buffalo, New York, or nearby? Call Anthony J. Cervi, Attorney at Law, at 716-262-8485."

Other Locations: 822 Convention Tower, 43 Court Street, Buffalo, NY 14202- 3101

Attorneys: Anthony J. Cervi Sole Practitioner,

Cases Handled: Divorce/Matrimonial Law, Family Law, Real Estate, Wills & Estates, Business, Criminal Defense

Other Information: .

Anthony J. Cervi, Attorney at Law

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