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⚖ Alagood Cartwright Burke PC in Denton, TX

Firm Name: Alagood Cartwright Burke PC
Address: 319 W. Oak Street, Denton, TX 76201
Phone: 940-308-8463
Email: info@dentonlaw.com
Web: www.dentonlaw.com
Description: "Alagood Cartwright Burke PC located in Denton, Texas, is a full-service law firm ready to provide the experienced representation you need. Call 940-308-8463."

Other Locations: 319 W. Oak Street, Denton, TX 76201

Attorneys: R. Scott Alagood President/ Shareholder, Samuel B. Burke Shareholder, Brian T Cartwright Shareholder/Vice President, Ryan T. Webster

Cases Handled: Commercial Real Estate , Residential Real Estate , Business Organizations

Other Information: Denton Commercial Real Estate Law Firm. Residential and commercial real estate Construction law Eminent domain and condemnation Landlord/tenant law Business and corporate law Commercial and banking law General civil...

Alagood Cartwright Burke PC

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