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⚖ Ackerson Law Offices in Louisville, KY

Firm Name: Ackerson Law Offices
Address: 600 West Main Street, Suite 500, Louisville, KY 40202- 2923
Phone: 502-882-5176
Email: info@kyfirm.com
Web: www.kyfirm.com
Description: "Free Consultation - Call (502) 882-5176 - Brent T. Ackerson helps victims and their families receive compensation for their injuries in Personal Injury and Accident cases."

Other Locations: 600 West Main Street, Suite 500, Louisville, KY 40202- 2923

Attorneys: Brent Thomas Ackerson

Cases Handled: Personal Injury, Employment Law, Employment Law Discrimination, Employment Law Harassments, Employment Law Whistle Blower, Wills and Probate

Other Information: . Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the Ackerson Law Offices focuses on protecting the rights and entitlements of personal injury victims and employees who suffered an injustice at work. Serving clients throughout Kentucky, our law firm provides compassionate counsel and aggressive advocacy for those affected by any of the following:

Ackerson Law Offices

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