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⚖ Azari Law, LLC in Laurel, MD

Firm Name: Azari Law, LLC
Address: 304 Montgomery Street, 2nd Floor, Laurel, MD 20707- 4340
Phone: 301-234-7671
Email: info@marylanddefenseattorney.net
Web: www.marylanddefenseattorney.net
Description: "Call Azari Law LLC in Laurel, MD at (301) 362-3300 now for Attorney services you can rely on! Criminal Law, DUI & Personal Injury. Offices in Laurel MD and Rockville MD. Free Consultation 24/7."

Other Locations: 304 Montgomery Street, 2nd Floor, Laurel, MD 20707- 4340

Attorneys: Omid A. Azari Principal , Lauren Kollecas Esq., Edward B. Tayter

Cases Handled: Criminal, DUI/DWI, Traffic, Personal Injury, Immigration, Family Law

Other Information: Laurel Criminal Law Firm. If you have been charged with a crime, you need to act quickly to ensure that your rights are defended. Depending on the nature of your offense, it is likely that law enforcement and the prosecutor's office has been building a case...

Azari Law, LLC

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