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⚖ Arvanites Law Group in Peabody, MA

Firm Name: Arvanites Law Group
Address: 7 Essex Green Drive, Unit 5, Peabody, MA 01960
Phone: (978) 777-5100
Email: info@scalawyers.com
Web: www.scalawyers.com
Description: "Do you need an experienced and effective Peabody, Massachusetts estate planning lawyer? Call 978-777-5100 for help with your real estate law, family law, business law and litigation needs."

Other Locations: 7 Essex Green Drive, Unit 5, Peabody, MA 01960

Attorneys: Karl G. Spitzer , John A. Christopher IV , Peter J. Arvanites

Cases Handled: Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Family Law and Divorce, Business Organization, Business and Commercial Transactions, Civil and Business Litigation, Estate Planning and Probate, Criminal Defense

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Arvanites Law Group

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