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⚖ Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Firm Name: Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC
Address: 702 North 4th Street, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814- 3023
Phone: 208-449-1179
Email: info@adbattorneys.com
Web: www.adbattorneys.com
Description: "Facing criminal charges or a family dispute near Coeur d'Alene? Contact the experienced attorneys of Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC, at 208-449-1179 for a free consultation."

Other Locations: 702 North 4th Street, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814- 3023

Attorneys: Julie L. Doty , Jennifer K. Brumley , Craig W. Zanetti , Matthew A. Rakes associate attorney , Michael Rude, Thomas ?Ǩ?Tommy?Ǩ Knoebber associate attorney

Cases Handled: Family, Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI, Divorce, Personal Injury Plaintiff, Criminal Law Federal (White Collar Crime), Custody & Visitation

Other Information: Recommends this Law Firm. I went through an extremely difficult custody battle this year and when I was searching for an attorney to represent me and my daughter, I needed three things: an attorney that would not back down from a fight when necessary, representation who would do whatever was needed to ensure the safety and well-being of my daughter, and one who would do all of that while retaining a high level of integrity. Believe it or not, that is a tall order, when searching for an attorney. After speaking with many people in the legal community, one lawfirm, and one name kept coming up: Jen Brumley with Amendola, Doty & Brumley. After meeting with her for the free initial consultation, I had no doubt that Jen was the right person to meet every one of my needs, and having traveled this incredibly difficult road with her to the point of signing the final paperwork yesterday, I can tell you with absolutely certainty that if you need the same, she is the attorney for you. Her compassion was unwavering, even when I had times where I was at my worst through the process. She never advised me to do anything that would fall outside of my ethics and she fought like hell, for both myself and my daughter, every step of the way. Not only was she amazing, but the team she has behind her has shown the same dedication and professionalism and I am certain that there is not a better team out there. Thank you again, Jen, Jessica, and Michele!

Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC

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