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⚖ Akiona Law, PLLC in Everett, WA

Firm Name: Akiona Law, PLLC
Address: 3216 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 201, Everett, WA 98201
Phone: 425-740-2209
Email: info@akionalaw.com
Web: www.akionalaw.com
Description: "At Akiona Law, PLLC, in Everett, Washington, we work hard to help people family law matters efficiently and effectively. Call 425-740-2209 to learn more."

Other Locations: 3216 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 201, Everett, WA 98201

Attorneys: Ululani "Lani" Akiona Founder/ , Jennifer G.L. Ching

Cases Handled: Family Law, Divorce, Adoptions, Domestic Violence Protection Orders, Custody Issues, Collaborative Law, Military Divorce, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Child Support, Same Sex Family Law, Fathers Rights

Other Information: . Located in Everett, Washington, the law office of Akiona Law, PLLC, offers a full range of family law services. Representing clients in Snohomish County, including Everett, Edmonds, Lynnwood and Bothell, my law firm provides high-quality counsel for those with legal needs in the following practice areas:

Akiona Law, PLLC

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