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⚖ Alterwitz Katz, LLP in Las Vegas, NV

Firm Name: Alterwitz Katz, LLP
Address: 8965 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 360, Las Vegas, NV 89123- 4893
Phone: 702-829-7590
Email: info@alterwitzkatz.com
Web: www.alterwitzkatz.com
Description: "Alterwitz Katz, LLP, in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides high-quality estate planning, probate, business, real estate and tax law representation. Call 702-829-7590."

Other Locations: 8965 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 360, Las Vegas, NV 89123- 4893

Attorneys: Daryl S. Alterwitz, Marco Angioni, Mark S. Katz, Kayleigh E. Lindemuth

Cases Handled:

Other Information: .

Alterwitz Katz, LLP

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