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⚖ Anderson & O'Connell, S.C. in Madison, WI

Firm Name: Anderson & O'Connell, S.C.
Address: 44 E. Mifflin St., Suite 801, Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-204-5807
Email: info@andersonoconnell.com
Web: www.andersonoconnell.com
Description: "Criminal and OWI Defense Attorneys In Madison, Wisconsin. Anderson & O'Connell, S.C. have consistently obtained results for their clients. We can help you."

Other Locations: 44 E. Mifflin St., Suite 801, Madison, WI 53703

Attorneys: David K. Anderson , Shaun O'Connell

Cases Handled: Criminal Defense, DUI, Drug Crimes, Sex Offenses

Other Information: Madison Criminal Defense Law Firm. At Anderson & O'Connell, S.C., we assist clients throughout southern Wisconsin who have been charged with crimes such as drunk driving, drug possession, battery, disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment. Our legal team also handles a wide range of matters involving forgery, fraud, robbery, child abuse, murder, rape and kidnapping. We understand that facing a potential criminal conviction is often overwhelming. Clients have a lot at stake, including their families, finances, career and...

Anderson & O'Connell, S.C.

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