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⚖ Adrian & Pankratz PA in Newton, KS

Firm Name: Adrian & Pankratz PA
Address: 301 North Main Street, Suite 400, Newton, KS 67114- 3464
Phone: 316-842-4036
Email: info@aplawpa.com
Web: www.aplawpa.com
Description: "Adrian & Pankratz, P.A. has over 40 years of experience as a full service firm, handling the needs of clients in a variety of legal settings"

Other Locations: 301 North Main Street, Suite 400, Newton, KS 67114- 3464

Attorneys: Thomas A Adrian , Randall J. Pankratz , Timothy C. Hodge , Cynthia A Wiens , Kelly J. Schodorf , Joseph L. Uhlman

Cases Handled: Estate Planning, Administrative Law, Agricultural Law, Banking & Finance, Business Law, Civil Litigation, Contracts, Criminal Law, Elder Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Guardianships & Conservatorships, Health Law, Long Term Care Planning, Medicaid Planning, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries, Natural Resources Law, Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Probate & Estate Administration, Property Tax Appeals, Real Estate, Traffic & Misdemeanor Defense, Trust Administration, Trusts, Water Law, Wills

Other Information: Newton Estate Planning Law Firm. Our lawyers handle estate planning matters ranging from simple wills and trusts to complex matters like tax planning. We can evaluate your assets and needs to determine which estate planning tools...

Adrian & Pankratz PA

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