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⚖ Appeals Law Group in Orlando, FL

Firm Name: Appeals Law Group
Address: 33 E. Robinson St., Suite 210, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 255-2165
Email: info@appealslawgroup.com
Web: www.appealslawgroup.com
Description: "Appeals Law Group are equipped to take cases to appeal and fight hard a second time for a proper, error-free trial and potentially for the resolution you desire."

Other Locations: 33 E. Robinson St., Suite 210, Orlando, FL 32801

Attorneys: Jaime Halscott , Patrick Michael Megaro , Mark K. McCulloch Senior , Jenifer M. Manyen Esq. Appellate , Daniel de Paz, John Campo Esq. Of Council , Scott Brettschneider Esq.

Cases Handled: Halscott Megaro PA

Other Information: . In a free initial consultation, we will sit down with you to gather the details of your case and talk about what your...

Appeals Law Group

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