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⚖ AT Law Group PLLC in Dearborn, MI

Firm Name: AT Law Group PLLC
Address: 3 Parklane Blvd West, Ste 1600, Dearborn, MI 48126
Phone: 800-401-7341
Email: info@atlawgroup.com
Web: www.atlawgroup.com
Description: "AT Law Group | Attorneys and Counselors"

Other Locations: 3 Parklane Blvd West, Ste 1600, Dearborn, MI 48126

Attorneys: Dewnya A. Bazzi , Hassan I. Hamade , Hassan K. Bazzi , Abathar Alkudari , Jalal Moughania , Mohamed Ali Banoon , Zabbia Alholou , Zeina Rammal

Cases Handled: Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Business Law, Non profit Law, Immigration Law, International Business, Family Law, Real Estate Law

Other Information: Dearborn Personal Injury Law Firm. At AT Law Group in Dearborn, Michigan, we offer a full range of legal services aimed at protecting the rights, liberties and interests of those we serve. As a leading full-service international law firm, we provide unmatched counsel, advocacy and support to a diverse client base both here in the United States and abroad who have legal issues involving any of the following practice areas: Personal Injury Estate Planning Criminal Defense Business Law Nonprofit Law...

AT Law Group PLLC

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