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⚖ Attorneys Mediation Services, LLC in Canton, OH

Firm Name: Attorneys Mediation Services, LLC
Address: 124 15th Street N.W., Canton, OH 44703- 3208
Phone: 330-453-6344
Email: info@attorneysmediationservices.com
Web: www.attorneysmediationservices.com
Description: "Attorneys Mediation Services, LLC, is an Ohio Limited Liability company formed in 2001, devoted exclusively to the mediation of pending lawsuits and potential lawsuits."

Other Locations: 124 15th Street N.W., Canton, OH 44703- 3208

Attorneys: Joseph W. Calabretta, Douglas N. Godshall, Justin F. Madden, Hon. Richard David Reinbold Jr. Ret., Jeffrey S. Wilkof Co owner, s Mediation Services, LLC

Cases Handled: Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Private Judging, Mediation and Collaborative Law

Other Information: .

Attorneys Mediation Services, LLC

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