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⚖ Attorney Kit McCahren in Pierre, SD

Firm Name: Attorney Kit McCahren
Address: 117 East Capitol Avenue, P.O. Box 66, Pierre, SD 57501- 3105
Phone: 605-223-0366
Email: info@callkit.net
Web: www.callkit.net
Description: "Injured in an accident? Learn how South Dakota attorney Kit McCahren can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call 605-224-8851 for a free consultation."

Other Locations: 117 East Capitol Avenue, P.O. Box 66, Pierre, SD 57501- 3105

Attorneys: Lee C Kit McCahren

Cases Handled: Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Trucking Accidents, Any Vehicle Accidents

Other Information: . Born, raised and educated in South Dakota, attorney Kit McCahren founded his practice with the goal of assisting victims and the families of those injured in accidents throughout the state. He knows that the legal system can be overwhelming especially after an accident. Therefore, he has dedicated and tailored his firm to help victims and families seek compensation by providing hands-on, personalized advocacy.

Attorney Kit McCahren

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