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⚖ Anthony Castelda Inc., P.S. in Tonasket, WA

Firm Name: Anthony Castelda Inc., P.S.
Address: 204 Whitcomb Ave, Tonasket, WA 98855- 8818
Phone: 509-560-4983
Email: info@casteldalaw.com
Web: www.casteldalaw.com
Description: "If you need a family law, criminal law or personal injury attorney in Okanogan County, call Anthony Castelda Inc., P.S. at 509-560-4983 today."

Other Locations: 204 Whitcomb Ave, Tonasket, WA 98855- 8818

Attorneys: Anthony Castelda

Cases Handled: Criminal Law, Family, Personal Injury, DUI/DWI, Divorce, Motor Vehicle Accidents Plaintiff

Other Information: . Looking for an experienced Criminal Lawyer? This area of law can often be a complex and potentially confusing one, which is why it is not advisable to try to take care of such matters without a professional. To ensure your best interests are secure, you will require a knowledgeable Estate Attorney in the academic sense, as well as someone who has a wealth of experience working as an attorney in this field. Anthony Castelda Inc., P.S. has the knowledge and the experience necessary to navigate...

Anthony Castelda Inc., P.S.

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