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⚖ Allison Strauss, Attorney at Law, PLLC in Kingsville, TX

Firm Name: Allison Strauss, Attorney at Law, PLLC
Address: 100 East Kleberg Avenue, #322, Kingsville, TX 78363- 4571
Phone: 361-488-6007
Email: info@kingsvillelaw.com
Web: www.kingsvillelaw.com
Description: "Attorney Allison Strauss can help with family law matters across South Texas. Call 361-488-6007 to find out how she can help with your situation."

Other Locations: 100 East Kleberg Avenue, #322, Kingsville, TX 78363- 4571

Attorneys: Allison Strauss

Cases Handled: Family Law, Divorce, Custody and Visitation

Other Information: . Allison enjoys helping people reach resolutions that may not have been possible without proper legal representation. She is skilled at helping clients reach agreements regarding property division, custody...

Allison Strauss, Attorney at Law, PLLC

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