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⚖ Ali & Blankner, Attorneys at Law, P.A. in Orlando, FL

Firm Name: Ali & Blankner, Attorneys at Law, P.A.
Address: 217 Northeast Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32804
Phone: 407-686-1060
Email: info@orlando-criminaldefensefirm.com
Web: www.orlando-criminaldefensefirm.com
Description: "Orlando's Best 2019" DUI Attorney Orlando and Criminal Justice Attorney's of Ali & Blankner will fight for you and your freedom with 85+ years of collective experience!""

Other Locations: 217 Northeast Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32804

Attorneys: Kendell K. Ali , F. Wesley "Buck" Blankner Jr. Senior , Dean M. Bartzokis , Joel Berger , Joerg F. Jaeger

Cases Handled: Criminal Defense, DUI, Sex Offense, Drug Violations, Misdemeanors, Theft

Other Information: Orlando Criminal Defense Law Firm. Helping people limit the potential repercussions of an arrest, we represent clients with cases involving traffic tickets, DUI...

Ali & Blankner, Attorneys at Law, P.A.

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