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⚖ Albert F. Pennisi, P.C. in Hicksville, NY

Firm Name: Albert F. Pennisi, P.C.
Address: 272 Duffy Avenue, Hicksville, NY 11801
Phone: 718-509-6344
Email: info@probatelawyerny.com
Web: www.probatelawyerny.com
Description: "Call the New York law firm of Albert F. Pennisi, P.C., for assistance with your legal matter. Schedule a consultation: 718-509-6344."

Other Locations: 1 Old Country Road, Suite LL5, Carle Place, NY 11514
97-77 Queens Boulevard, Rego Park, NY 11374
272 Duffy Avenue, Hicksville, NY 11801

Attorneys: Accepts Credit Cards

Cases Handled: Probate and Estate Administration

Other Information: . Serving lenders, buyers and sellers of all types of real estate including houses, cooperatives,condominiums and commercial properties for original financing and refinancing of mortgages. We handle all aspects...

Albert F. Pennisi, P.C.

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