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⚖ Anthony M. Salerno, P.C. in Worcester, MA

Firm Name: Anthony M. Salerno, P.C.
Address: 306 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608
Phone: 508-795-1200
Email: info@salernolawoffices.com
Web: www.salernolawoffices.com
Description: "Charged with a crime? Have a former state trooper on your side. Call Anthony M. Salerno, P.C., in Worcester, Massachusetts: 508-795-1200."

Other Locations: 306 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608

Attorneys: Anthony Salerno , Michael Anthony Salerno

Cases Handled: Criminal Defense, OUI/DUI/DWI Defense

Other Information: . Aggressive professional representation by the ONLY lawyer in Central Massachusetts who was also a State Trooper.

Anthony M. Salerno, P.C.

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