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⚖ Aiken and O'Halloran in Fort Myers, FL

Firm Name: Aiken and O'Halloran
Address: 2257 Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901- 4906
Phone: 239-334-8890
Email: info@aikenandohalloran.com
Web: www.aikenandohalloran.com
Description: "Charged with a crime in Florida? Free consult from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Call Aiken and O'Halloran at 239-334-8890."

Other Locations: 2257 Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901- 4906

Attorneys: Peter D. Aiken, Sean C. O'Halloran

Cases Handled: Aiken, O'Halloran & Associates

Other Information: . Sean O'Halloran, a lifetime resident of Ft. Myers is a second generation Ft. Myers attorney who previously practiced as a prosecutor in both Lee County and Charlotte County. He knows and understands the local practices and procedures appearing regularly before the Courts here in Lee County and Punta Gorda...

Aiken and O'Halloran

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