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⚖ Akin, Webster & Matson, P.C. in Macon, GA

Firm Name: Akin, Webster & Matson, P.C.
Address: 544 Mulberry St., Suite 400, Macon, GA 31201- 2770
Phone: 478-250-1522
Email: info@akin-webster-matson.com
Web: www.akin-webster-matson.com
Description: "Set up a free consultation to meet with an experienced Macon bankruptcy lawyer at Akin, Webster & Matson, P.C. Call 478-250-1522."

Other Locations: 544 Mulberry St., Suite 400, Macon, GA 31201- 2770

Attorneys: Danny L. Akin , Robert M. Matson , Joy R. Webster

Cases Handled: Bankruptcy Law

Other Information: Recommends this Law Firm. The attorneys at the law firm of Akin, Webster & Matson, P.C., in Macon, Georgia, have extensive experience helping people obtain debt relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Our lawyers, Danny Akin, Joy Webster and Rob Matson, have 80 years of combined experience handling consumer bankruptcy cases. Rob Matson is board-certified in consumer bankruptcy law by the American Board of Certification. As of mid-2014, he is the only board-certified consumer bankruptcy lawyer in Macon and Warner Robins.

Akin, Webster & Matson, P.C.

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