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⚖ Ann Mallett Barker, Attorney at Law in Lockport, LA

Firm Name: Ann Mallett Barker, Attorney at Law
Address: Lockport Town Hall, Suite C, 710 Church St., Lockport, LA 70374- 3938
Phone: 985-242-4043
Email: info@annmbarkerlaw.com
Web: www.annmbarkerlaw.com
Description: "A death in the family could have legal consequences that affect your rights. For a free initial evaluation, contact me or call me at 985-242-4043."

Other Locations: Lockport Town Hall, Suite C, 710 Church St., Lockport, LA 70374- 3938

Attorneys: Ann Barker

Cases Handled: Successions, Wills

Other Information: .

Ann Mallett Barker, Attorney at Law

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