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⚖ Apex Legal Group, PLLC in Monroe, MI

Firm Name: Apex Legal Group, PLLC
Address: 12 East Third Street, Monroe, MI 48161
Phone: 734-240-5050
Email: info@apexlegalgroup.com
Web: www.apexlegalgroup.com
Description: "Contact Apex Legal Group, PLLC, in Monroe, Michigan, for advice and representation in a criminal case, a bankruptcy filing or a family law matter. 734-240-5050."

Other Locations: 12 East Third Street, Monroe, MI 48161

Attorneys: Jason D. Kaczmarek, Sajid A. Khan

Cases Handled: General Practice, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability

Other Information: . Welcome to Apex Legal Group, PLLC, an organization dedicated to providing professional, personalized, competent legal representation. Our group is dedicated to building relationships with our clients through quality legal representation and personal attention to the specific details related to your legal issue.

Apex Legal Group, PLLC

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