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⚖ Atwill Troxell Leigh PC in Leesburg, VA

Firm Name: Atwill Troxell Leigh PC
Address: 50 Catoctin Cir. NE, Ste. 303, Leesburg, VA 20176- 3101
Phone: 703-297-8970
Email: info@atandlpc.com
Web: www.atandlpc.com
Description: "Atwill, Troxell & Leigh, P.C. Attorneys & Counselors at Law"

Other Locations: 50 Catoctin Cir. NE, Ste. 303, Leesburg, VA 20176- 3101

Attorneys: William H Atwill Jr. , Benjamin D. Leigh , Lindsay Jefferies Mohler Divorce Family Lawyer, Keith Chase Troxell

Cases Handled: Divorce Law, Family Law, Alimony, Separation Agreements, Custody, Military Divorce, Business Planning, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Real Estate, Land Use and Zoning, Construction Law, Domestic Relations, Estate Planning & Estate Administration, Tax Planning & Tax Representation, Local Counsel

Other Information: Leesburg Divorce Law Firm. Atwill, Troxell & Leigh, P.C., is highly regarded law firm in Leesburg, Virginia, representing clients in a variety of practice areas including divorce and family law, business planning, tax, real estate, civil litigation, construction law, estate planning and more. We bring a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to represent clients in mediation, litigation and transactional settings. Thanks to the breadth of our practice and years of experience, our law firm offers...

Atwill Troxell Leigh PC

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