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⚖ Allen Wellman McNew Harvey, LLP in Greenfield, IN

Firm Name: Allen Wellman McNew Harvey, LLP
Address: Five Courthouse Plaza, Greenfield, IN 46140- 2326
Phone: 317-468-2365
Email: info@awmlaw.com
Web: www.awmlaw.com
Description: "The law firm of Allen Wellman McNew Harvey, LLP, has been delivering results for clients since 1918. Call us today for help. 317-468-2365 or 866-958-6354."

Other Locations: By Appointment Only, 101 West Ohio Street, Indianapois, IN 46204
Five Courthouse Plaza, Greenfield, IN 46140- 2326

Attorneys: Eric N. Allen , Dawn E. Wellman , James W. McNew , George A. Lohmeier , Kevin G. Harvey , Jon A. Keyes , Michael C. Cooley , David V. Chandler , Kimberley S. Miller , Philip C. Sheward , Thomas S. Bowman , Amy J. Osborne , Silvia B. Miller

Cases Handled: I Car Accident in Greenfield, IN

Other Information: Greenfield Personal Injury Law Firm.

Allen Wellman McNew Harvey, LLP

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