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⚖ Avanzino & Moreno, P.C., Attorneys at Law in Brooklyn, NY

Firm Name: Avanzino & Moreno, P.C., Attorneys at Law
Address: 26 Court Street, Ste. 2015, Brooklyn, NY 11242
Phone: 347-943-8462
Email: info@jkavanzino.com
Web: www.jkavanzino.com
Description: "Accident lawyers aggressively and passionately representing people who are hurt as a result of someone else's negligence."

Other Locations: 26 Court Street, Ste. 2015, Brooklyn, NY 11242

Attorneys: John K. Avanzino, Steven M Distler, Jhosandys Sears , Angelicque M. Moreno

Cases Handled: Personal Injury

Other Information: Brooklyn Personal Injury Law Firm. Along with Brooklyn and New York City, we also represent the people of Staten Island, The Bronx, Manhattan and...

Avanzino & Moreno, P.C., Attorneys at Law

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