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New WindowCampbell & Associates Law Firm, PC Dallas

Campbell & Associates Law Firm, PC - Dallas

For nearly two decades Campbell & Associates Law Firm, P.C. have helped businesses and professionals defend against professional negligence lawsuits. They can also help your company with labor and employment matters, Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) claims, and construction litigation. Their attorneys have a wide range of experience in state and federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

Office Address: 4201 Spring Valley Road, Suite 1250, Dallas, Texas, 75244
Web Address: Link removed. Click to see other lawyers in the area.
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Campbell & Associates Law Firm, P.C. - Labor and Employment Defense Attorneys in Dallas, TX: Review

In today's digital age, having a website is essential for any business or organization. For law firms, a website can serve as an online presence that provides potential clients with important information about the firm's legal services and qualifications. The sales language they use should hopefully engage a reader and quickly let them know whether they are on the site of the type of law firm they are seeking. What is the first thing we spotted on arriving at the website of Campbell & Associates Law Firm?

"Texas Professional Liability and Labor and Employment Law Defense"

Like this concise title, the appearance and layout of www.cllegal.com is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. The content is informative and detailed. The website provides an overview of the legal services offered by the firm, including information on practice areas which are quite niche to be targeting such as Attorney Malpractice, Business Litigation, ERISA Fiduciary Liability, Insurance Adjuster and Broker Liability, Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) and Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) matters. Each practice area has a dedicated page that provides more in-depth information about the types of cases the firm handles and the legal process involved.

"When you need a lawyer with the unique know-how required to endeavor to make a favorable judgment or arbitration award stick ... look no further."


There are also detailed biographies of the lawyers including their qualifications, experience, and areas of expertise. There is a massive database of articles relating to legal matters you can browse through. Some articles may be out of date with any current law changes since, so bear that in mind. But it does highlight the firm's dedication to the area of law, knowledge, and an intent to help even those who don't sign with them.

But what are people saying about the firm? There are no testimonials we could see on their website. However in our poll a couple of years ago, our site visitors voted that only 9% trusted company provided testimonials. Most preferred the independent boards such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

"always available via phone or email"
"they have always provided timely, sound advice"
"very competent and sharp"

Those are a few snippets from the reviews we saw. They are very positive but we definitely recommend reading full comments whenever looking up a law firm to get an idea of any positive or negative themes rather than just star ratings. We would even go as far as to say people should ignore 1 star ratings if they haven't bothered to leave a comment. Over the many years we've been doing this, we've seen law firms with negative reviews for the client receiving a parking ticket in an adjacent street and about having changed their food menu. So, be careful.

"Today, more than ever before, compliance/risk management is a daily fact of life for businesses and professionals."

The functionality of the firm's site is user-friendly and convenient. The website is HTTPS secure and features a contact form that allows visitors to submit enquiries and request consultations with the firm's lawyers. The website is also mobile-responsive, meaning that it can be easily accessed on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

A quick note on navigation because while the firm's full branding is Campbell & Associates Law Firm, P.C. the official web address is www.cllegal.com so it would probably be a good idea to bookmark the page if coming back to it later. Also note that if you are trying to look up information on the firm you may need to enter the location (dallas tx) as well as the law practice name since there are a few other firms in the USA using the name Campbell and Associates.

General Notes: We don't look into any firm's recruitment program so can't comment on job vacancies or about working there. Changes may have occured since this article was written so please visit the firm's www.cllegal.com website for the most up to date opening hours, office address, phone number, email address, and other information.

Campbell and Associates Law Firm

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