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Sullenberger Roskamp PLLC - Denver

Sullenberger Roskamp PLLC have years of experience working exclusively with litigation matters including construction, business, and real estate disputes. They only work with clients they believe have a rightful position to ensure they can always fight their hardest for you. Knowing how stressful and overwhelming a lawsuit can be they promise honest case evaluations and to keep you informed every step of the way. They also accept work for complex high asset divorce cases.

Office Address: 700 17th Street, Suite 1610, Denver, Colorado, 80202
Web Address: https://www.srlitigation.com
Email Address: jennifer@srlitigation.com
Phone Number: 720-500-7855

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Sullenberger Roskamp PLLC Litigation Attorneys in Denver, Colorado: Review

Sullenberger Roskamp PLLC was founded by Neil Sullenberger and Jennifer Roskamp who had already worked together for several years at Abrams, Sullenberger & Associates, LLC. The firm was founded in 2022. Such a relatively new brand might put some people off, considering there are so many law firms bragging about ancient founding dates.

However, if a firm is claiming to be 'established in 18-whatever' the obvious truth is that there will not be a 100-year old lawyer sat behind a desk giving sage advice. There is as much chance of you getting a 1-year newbie lawyer from a 100-year old law firm brand as there is you getting a 40-year veteran attorney from a law practice established six months ago. The experience of the lawyer is the most important thing alongside whether they have specialist knowledge of your particular type of case.

"We are a firm of skilled advocates who have exceptional skills in the areas of civil litigation, business law, construction law, general money disputes, trial practices, arbitration, and mediation, among others."

That's a quote from the Sullenberger Roskamp PLLC website where you'll find a unique range of legal services. It includes common practices such as business law, real estate law, and estate planning. But also more niche areas such as High Net Worth Divorce and Construction Law for Homeowners. Additionally, the firm specializes in representing healthcare providers, including physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations, in a variety of legal matters.

Sullenberger Roskamp PLLC

The firm's attorneys state extensive experience in their respective areas of practice and a commitment to providing clients with tailored legal solutions to meet their needs and objectives. They have plenty of information on their website about their lawyers and practice areas, but also have a testimonials section with comments such as:

"a well-prepared lawyer and showed ample knowledge of the law"
"came out on top without the need for a trial"
"strategically guided me through a challenging divorce"

Testimonials on any company's website are always going to be positive. That's probably why our last consumer poll indicated people generally preferred public comment boards such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. These independent review forums will also show any negative comments by prior clients. Every firm can end up with one or two disgruntled clients over the years, but if you see repeated themes with any firm that may be something to take notice of. So what are they saying on the independent boards?

"competent, organized, patient and relentless"
"seamlessly destroyed opposing counsel's claims"
"always professional and always deliver as promised"

Again the comments are mainly positive. No matter which firm you're checking up on though, we recommend reading the actual comments left rather than just flicking through star ratings. Some people leave negative feedback for the most ridiculous things such as parking restrictions near the law office or have mixed up the firm's names.

On that subject, a quick note on navigation. As already mentioned the firm uses the well-known branding tactic of attorney names, but notice the name is Sullenberger Roskamp with no "&" in between. This isn't too important for this firm as there doesn't seem to be any rival firms with similar names just now. But firms that use an "&" in between can have some people trying to visit a direct type-in website. However, ampersands don't exist in website addresses. So, for example, www.sullenbergerroskamp.com could exist but www.sullenberger&roskamp.com could not.

"We founded our practice on giving upfront and honest case evaluations, including costs to pursue a case to victory and what your best and worst outcomes could be so that you are fully informed in advance."

The firm's official site is actually at www.srlitigation.com so it may be an idea to bookmark the site if you plan on coming back to it. It is HTTPS secure though for submitting your personal details on their contact form safely. Always keep aware of what site you are on and where emails are coming from because there are alot of scams on the internet, especially where large lump sums of money are involved.

General Notes: We don't look into any firm's recruitment program so can't comment on job vacancies or about working there. Changes may have occured since this article was written so please visit the firm's www.srlitigation.com website for the most up to date opening hours, office address, phone number, email address, and other information.

Christopher Sullenberger Attorney

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