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J.P. Meyer Business Mediation & Arbitration Info:

JPMeyer Business Mediation & Arbitration - Philadelphia

Judith Meyer Esq. has been one of the country's most respected mediators for over 30 years. Her award-winning firm has handled a wide range of Commercial Litigation matters including Employment, Construction, Torts, Malpractice, Insurance, Bankruptcy, and Franchise disagreements. With more than 98% of cases being resolved before trial anyway, talking to an experienced mediator first can ensure a higher level of privacy and efficiency for your dispute.

Office Address: 150 Rose Lane, Haverford, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19041
Web Address: https://www.judithmeyer.com
Email Address: judith@judithmeyer.com
Phone Number: 215-563-1480

Judith Meyer Commercial Dispute Lawyer on YouTube

Judith Meyer Business Mediation & Arbitration - Commercial Dispute Lawyer in Pennsylvania: Review

Unlike a directory, every legal service provider we promote across the 1to1Legal network has been picked for a reason. This could be for their unique case range or their different admin approach creating lower fees for clients. Either way we still try to remain unbias in our descriptions and reviews, but some firms simply jump out at us.

"One of the country's most respected mediators for over 30 years."

If you've been through several law firm's websites already today looking for someone to represent you, then you'll likely have seen most of them (if not all) make a similar statement to this one above taken from the J. P. Meyer website. Stating your firm is the one of the 'best', 'leading', or 'respected' can be a subjective comment in that it's difficult to disprove. More infuriating though is if a law firm states it is 'award-winning' without stating what award they are talking about. For all we know they won 'cleanest toilets in a law firm' - which doesn't have anything to do with their abilities to help clients. However:

"Honored as a SuperLawyer the last 13 Years in a Row"

J.P. Meyer Business Mediation & Arbitration

"Earned Best Women Owned Business Award 2017 & 2018"

Judith Meyer backs her statements up very clearly. We were also very impressed by the language on her main page which focused more on discussing mediation/arbitration as a whole rather than boasting about herself.

"More than 98% of all cases resolve before trial, often on the courthouse steps, when the risk of a third-party judge or jury deciding the outcome of the dispute becomes uncomfortably real .... I have yet to meet a party who after the emotional, financial and time cost of trial, combined with its uncertainty and limited-remedy outcome, is eager to go that route again."

This is true across an even wider range of cases than those which typically use or are associated with mediation. But we would not expect someone with a standard whiplash auto accident injury to seek out an experienced mediation specialist rather than a personal injury attorney. With that said, it's difficult to pinpoint a specific type of legal matter that is best resolved by a mediator. The range of cases that can benefit is un-stateably wide. For example, on Judith's example cases page she states experience with regular matters such as:

"software licensing dispute seeking rescission between IT companies"
"contract dispute between telemarketer and telecommunications corporation"

but also experience with:

"breach of warranty in sale of 45 tons of feed product for veal calves"
"contract/fraud claim against art dealer in sale of $550,000 work of art"
"gas line explosion demolishing historic church and adjacent structures"

It's this lengthy and wide experience that clearly helps define her stated position as a 30-year respected veteran of arbitration/mediation. Unfortunately despite this long history in the industry, we struggled to find many public review boards with useful information such as Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, etc. Normally we include this in any article about a firm along with links to ensure a wider grouping of opinions for you to peruse.

We've discussed in another article about how there is a lack of public attorney reviews generally anyway as many people don't want to point out their private legal issues online. So a lack of reviews should never be taken as a negative point. But it can be frustrating if you're trying to get a better handle on which firm to go with.

We've always encouraged our member law firms to have staff profiles on their sites with each individual attorney's brief work history, qualification details, and areas of expertise. Some go too far and include their favourite foods and hobbies under the impression that lawyers need to be made to look 'more human'. But while Judith Meyer's website is very thorough with her history - what we saw was all helpfully relevant such as her Lectures page which lists previous positions and expert panels she's been involved with.

"If a dispute does not settle in mediation, the parties will know clearly what the stumbling block is and, with the help of the mediator, will know how to clear it, if they so desire."

Clearly from this article we have a positive opinion of how Judith P. Meyer, Esq presents herself and her business to potential clients. But hopefully with the examples provided you can see why we came to that conclusion. We typically don't give out legal advice of any kind. But to be honest we can only agree with the sentiment that mediation is probably better than going through court for anyone. So if an initial discussion about your case with a mediator is free - is there any reason not to enquire?

For navigation, all searches we did such as jp meyer arbitrator or judith meyer mediation pa all brought up the same firm. The official website we link to from this page uses the full name - www.judithmeyer.com - but all other variants we tried such as www.jpmeyer.com were for different firms or not owned at all. But with mediation there aren't any phishing scams we're aware of going about like those associated with real estate matters. So we have no urgent notes on that front.

General Notes: Usually if a free consultation is available we will have mentioned it above. We don't look into any firm's recruitment program so can't comment on job vacancies or about working there. Changes may have occured since this article was written so please visit the firm's www.judithmeyer.com website for the most up to date opening hours, contact details, and other information.

Judith Meyer Commercial Dispute Lawyer

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