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WDK Law - Boston

WDK Law has resolved thousands of personal injury cases over the past 12 years. They take time to understand their client's situation, needs and expectations to ensure the best possible outcome. They aim to provide the highest level of service and will always be available by phone and email to answer your queries. Initial consultations are free.

Office Address: 47 Central Street, Suite 9, Peabody, Boston, Massachusetts, 01960
Web Address: https://wdklawfirm.com
Email Address: will@wdklawfirm.com
Phone Number: 978-852-0914

WDK Law - Boston

WDK Law has handled thousands of personal injury matters over the past 12 years. They take time to understand your situation, needs and expectations to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. They promise the highest level of service and to always be available by phone and email to answer queries. Initial consultations are free.

Office Address: 614 Washington Street, 2nd Floor, Lynn, Boston, Massachusetts, 01901
Web Address: https://wdklawfirm.com
Email Address: will@wdklawfirm.com
Phone Number: 978-852-0914

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WDK Law Personal Injury Attorneys in Peabody & Lynn, Greater Boston MA: Review

There are tens of thousands of Personal Injury lawyers across the US. The majority of which have a website and the majority of those will have similar sounding text on those web pages and similar images of people smiling and shaking hands. How can you tell the difference? What sorts of sentences tell you more about the law firm than you might think?

"At WDK Law we are committed to providing the highest level of service and best possible outcomes for our clients."

That quote is from WDK Law based in Peabody, MA. The statement sounds good and many firms will use other great words as well like 'modern', 'efficient', 'experienced', and 'friendly'. But although they sound good, they don't really help you separate the firms from each other. For example you're never going to see a law office saying they are 'outdated', 'inefficient', 'inexperience', and 'unfriendly'.

"We have over a dozen years of experience in providing exceptional legal services to individuals in the area of personal injury law."


Statements like this can certainly help tell a more experienced firm from another. Typically an inexperienced firm will not make claims about how many years they have been in practice. Watch out for clever wording though. For example some firms may state they have '10 years experience within the firm' or '10 years combined experience'. This means they've simply added up the years all staff have been working. So that could be 5 staff each with only 2 years of experience.

"Even though we have resolved thousands of personal injury cases, we understand that each case, and each person, is different. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients so that we can provide them with the best possible representation."

Normally the first point of call for consumers when checking up on any firm is the public review boards. That's also the best place to verify any claims a law firm makes about how well they deal with clients. As there will normally be themes of praise (e.g. if they are good communicators) or themes of criticism (e.g. if alot of people mention slow callbacks).

Many lawyers create testimonial pages on their website. But according to our poll a few years back, only 8% of you put any stock in the handpicked company provided testimonials. There are many independent boards to try such as Google, Trustpilot, and Facebook.

"made my experience with him stress free and he literally took care of everything"

"super attentive from the first moment, super professional, he won the case"

"communication between him and myself was excellent"

"one of those people that can take an unfortunate scenario, and weave it into a compelling story"

These above are a few snippets from some of those. The comments we saw were mainly positive and most praised attorney William D Keefe by name. WDK Law has another office in Lynn, Massachusetts so please be aware when searching for reviews on Google that you may need to enter the location as well. It's likely that 'wdk law lynn' will start to bring up individual comments for that law office compared to what pops up for 'wdk peabody'.

"Free Consultation"

This is a statement you will see on a lot of law firms sites as well. But don't be afraid to ask if the person you are having the free consulation with is an actual qualified, experienced lawyer. With smaller, more direct firms such as WDK Law this is more likely. However it is still quite common for a 'free consultation' at some firms to actually just be an unqualified member of staff asking you some routine questions and avoiding providing any actual advice or information about your case.

Make sure you've spoken to the actual lawyer and know you are comfortable with them before thinking of parting with your money. This is less of a concern for case types such as Personal Injury though because you are unlikely to be asked for a cent in lawyers fees upfront or if your case loses.

"We'll explain every step in the process and make sure you are updated and informed along the way."

The firm does have a wide range of help articles on their website. However many of the ones we saw seemed to be aimed at people within the industry rather than clients as they delve quite a bit into specifics of litigation. However there are several case studies which can always be an eye-opener and the fact this attorney takes the time to write so many articles can only be a good sign about the level of expertise and goal of helping others to understand.

A quick note on other navigation as well. The official site for this firm that we link to above is www.wdklawfirm.com and at the time of writing other variants such as www.wdklaw.com link to completely different companies. The firm's site is https secure for submitting your personal information via their contact form. But always try to make sure you're on the correct firm's site and never discuss payment details via email. That's the main way fraudsters have been separating law firm client's from their money.

General Notes: Usually if a free consultation is available we will have mentioned it above. We don't look into any firm's recruitment program so can't comment on job vacancies or about working there. Changes may have occured since this article was written so please visit the firm's www.wdklawfirm.com website for the most up to date opening hours, contact details, and other information.

William D Keefe Attorney

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