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Lawyer Directory SC • We've been referring people to law firms since 1999. We guarantee our work and potential clients are referred direct to you for that important initial contact.

• On top of the referrals, we will also promote your services across our site and various social media channels. This means our program can work for you on it's own, or blend perfectly with any other marketing plans you already have.

• Plus unlike Directories or PPC, we filter people by both case type and zipcode to make sure they match your target audience. So we can deliver Personal Injury, Divorce, Crime, Immigration, Real Estate, or Commercial Law leads anywhere in South Carolina.

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Case Titles Targeted: Family Law, Personal Injury, Crime, Real Estate, Business Disputes, Estate Planning, IP, Immigration, Commercial Law, Debt/Insolvency, DUI/DWI, Employment Law and more.

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"We're happy to renew" - Graysons

"We definitely are getting referrals from your work, so thank you very much." - Law Staff UK

"happy to renew" - rhw

"We appreciate your time and work over the past year" - Law Matters

"We definitely are getting referrals from your work, so thank you very much." - Law Staff UK

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